Here is some basic information about digitizing embroidery so you can better understand what is involved in the process of creating custom logo embroidery. When you are ready, check out our products to see if there is anything of interest to you….and remember, if you ever have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Why Embroidery? Embroidery is fast becoming the industry standard for dress down corporate apparel as well as an upscale addition to employee uniforms, sport team uniforms, and retail lines. Embroidery offers endless possibilities for creative textures, dimensions, colors, and designs, allowing casual clothing to be integrated with your company identity. Embroidery Team specializes in working with you to create whatever new idea you have.

The Embroidery Process: Embroidery is the sewing of a logo or other design into the garment of your choice. Popular products include uniforms, denim shirts, golf shirts, sport bags, jackets, sweatshirts, hankies, and all styles of tee-shirts.

Apparel Selection: This is a simple process of matching a garment style and color to fit your design, needs, and budget. Thread colors should be chosen as well, to match the garment color and the design. Embroidery Team is available to assist you in determining which colors and garments best fit your needs.

The Design: We have a large selection of generic “stock” designs available, however, your custom logos or artwork can also be reproduced. The process of reproducing your images is called digitizing. Digitizing is the process of transferring a design into a language understandable to the embroidery machine. Digitizing will instruct our embroidery machine as to where to place each stitch in your design.

Embroidering: Once the design has been digitized and approved, the disk is loaded into the embroidery machine’s computer. The garment is then hooped, placed on the machine, and the embroidering begins. Finally, each garment is inspected thoroughly before being folded, boxed, and picked up or delivered.

So when you need custom logo embroidery done for your company’s logo, call the digitizing embroidery experts at Embroidery Team today.

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