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The Sewing Machine & Vacuum Center

We Have More than 40 Years of Experience!

At the Sewing Machine & Vacuum Center, we are truly a one-stop shop for all of your vacuum, sewing, and embroidery needs. Did your vacuum cleaner or sewing /embroidery machine break down? We can fix it. Do you want to upgrade to completely new equipment? We offer the top brands. We also have a large inventory of tools, parts, and accessories to provide you with even more of the complete package! For more information about our products and services, please call us at (408) 238-1278!

At the Sewing Machine & Vacuum Center, we offer:

  • More than 40 years of experience
  • Rapid turnaround times for repairs
  • The best selection of vacuum cleaners and sewing machines
  • One-on-one service

Serving Both Individual and Commercial Customers

We receive all types of customers at the Sewing Machine & Vacuum Center. We get individuals who are shopping for their own household cleaning or crafting needs, as well as business owners and operators who need more heavy-duty equipment. Whatever camp you fall into, we would be happy to provide you with the quality products and personalized customer care you deserve.

We can provide you with any of the following:

Whether you are looking for the latest, most technologically advanced equipment or an outdated part for an old vacuum cleaner or sewing machine, we are the shop to turn to. Because we have been doing what we do for over four decades, we have a vast collection of parts that are nearly impossible to find anywhere else.

Call the Sewing Machine & Vacuum Center at (408) 238-1278 or visit our store!

Applique – inside and out – everything from basic satin edge to trendy motifs on flat to furry fabrics and everything in between.
Smorgasbord of lettering techniques: monogramming, miniature, bubble, puffy and calligraphy to fit all of your needs. Say it with embroidery!
Stitch a hat on a single needle? Yes you can! Learn how to mark, stabilize and hoop a hat in no time!
Discover Stitch Swag! Now it’s easy to transform one dimensional embroidery into oh-so-cute and useful 3D projects.
These in the hoop projects deliver fun and creativity with every stitch.
Zipper insertion and flawless buttonholes for all your garment needs.
4-hour lecture demo including interactive student hands-on segments.
Brand new presentation, fresh samples and hot new techniques!

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Our Values

  • One on one service
  • Quick turnaround on repairs
  • Best selection of Sewing Machines and Vacuums